Fulvic Minerals spray

GoodNight spray

Vitamin B12 spray

MultiVit spray

Super Health Sprays are free of contamination

A closed metal tube-container with our proprietary delivery system houses the solution for each spray. This ensures that none of the spray solutions include any plastic chemicals typically leaked from plastic containers.
Closed metal tubes also shield substances from air light oxidation, which is the main factor in the deterioration of vitamins and minerals.

Ubiquinol spray

B-Calm spray

Super Health Sprays are easy to carry

Super Health Sprays are not pressurized and cause no damage to the ozone layer. So, the sprays can be taken on board while you are travelling. Packaged in containers, their solutions are fee of oxygen that ensures high quality and long-term storage.

Iron Boost spray

Vitamin D3 spray

SHSprays - more value for money

It is important to note that other sprays available on the market are just liquid squirters and not emulsifying sprays.
Super Health Sprays provide better value for the money because they are made with high-quality ingredients and are innovatively designed to increase absorption.

Vitamin K2+D3 spray

Vitamin C+Zn spray

High Quality Ingredients in sprays

The contents in Super Health sprays are pharmaceutical-grade vitamins, minerals  and herbs that have been carefully chosen. All sprays have been formulated such that the chemicals can enter the bloodstream through the mouth membrane. Each spray has a fantastic natural flavour.

Each spray is equipped with a sophisticated dispersal mechanism that guarantees uniformly sized microscopic droplets.
It offers precision and consistency in dosage levels (the sprays are always produce the mist).
A very consistent dose of 55 micro litres per pump is delivered by each spray that has at least one month’s worth of supplies (240 pump servings).

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