B-Calm spray

Vitamin B12 spray

MultiVit spray

Fulvic Minerals spray

GoodNight spray

Vitamin K2+D3 spray

Vitamin C+Zn spray

Iron Boost spray

Vitamin D3 spray

Ubiquinol spray

Overview: Super Health Sprays

High Quality Ingredients in sprays

  • In our Super Health sprays we use ingredients of the highest quality pharmaceutical grades of specifically selected Vitamins, Minerals and Herbs.
  • All sprays are specially formulated so that their ingredients can be delivered trough the oral membrane into the blood stream.
  • All sprays have great natural flavour (the content is Kosher).

  • Our advanced dispersal mechanism attached to each spray — ensures the consistent size of tiny droplets. It provides accuracy and consistency of dosage levels ( no clogging, no streams — always a mist type of of sprays).
  • Each tube contains at least one month supply(240 pump servings) — 55 micro litres per pump — a very consistent and easy to control dose.

Super Health Sprays are more safe

    Each spray’s solution is in a closed metal tube-container with our patented delivery system. This prevents the risk of any plastic chemical leak into the solution. Closed metal tubes also protect ingredients from oxidation by air light that is the main cause of vitamins and minerals degradation.

Super Health Sprays are easy to carry

Our Super Health Sprays are not pressurized. So, it can be taken while you are travelling. Packaged with no oxygen present in containers that assures quality and a length of storage. Our sprays produce no damage to the ozone layer.

SHSprays - more value for money

It is noteworthy to mention that other sprays on the market are not emulsifying sprays, but simply liquid squirters. Because of the high quality of ingredients and the innovative way enabling higher absorption, Super Health sprays offer greater value for money.
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