B-Calm spray

Vitamin B12 spray

MultiVit spray

Fulvic Minerals spray

GoodNight spray

Vitamin K2+D3 spray

Vitamin C+Zn spray

Iron Boost spray

Vitamin D3 spray

Ubiquinol spray

Overview: Super Health Sprays

  • In our Super Health sprays we use ingredients of the highest quality pharmaceutical grades of specifically selected Vitamins, Minerals and Herbs.
  • All sprays are specially formulated so that their ingredients can be delivered trough the oral membrane into the blood stream.
  • All supplements have great natural flavour (they are all Kosher).
  • Our advanced dispersal mechanism attached to each spray — ensures the consistent size of tiny droplets. It provides accuracy and consistency of dosage levels ( no clogging, no streams — always a mist type of of sprays).
  • Each tube contains at least one month supply of supplements (240 pump servings) — 55 micro litres per pump — a very consistent and easy to control dose.
  • Each spray’s solution is in a closed metal tube-container with our patented delivery system mounted on top – so, no risk of plastic chemical leak into the solution. Closed metal tubes also protect ingredients from oxidation by air and light (both have harmful effects on supplement).
  • Packaged under nitrogen, no oxygen present, helping benefit length of quality assurance. Our sprays are not pressurised—no damage to the ozone layer.
  • It is noteworthy that other sprays on the market are not emulsifying sprays, but simply liquid squirters.
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