Iron Boost spray

Iron Boost Super Health Spray contains a natural sourced dietary iron. A daily use of the spray is an easy and very effective way to avoid iron deficiency and boost your hemoglobin level (a primary component of red blood cells that carries oxygen to your organs and tissues).
Feeling of tiredness and weakness, decrease in mental performance or difficulty with maintaining body temperature can be a good indication of an iron deficiency. Super Health Iron Boost spray will help you increase energy and maintain sufficient hemoglobin in your body.

Why Iron Boost spray is so Effective?

In Super Health Iron spray we use a highly absorbable Sodium Feredetate (iron compound) , manufactured under a proprietary patent. This is not an ordinary iron salt. It has remarkable bio-availability and deliver benefit without the side-effects. Some other iron supplements on the market are known to cause gastro-intestinal problems and an unpleasant metallic taste.
Thanks to the proprietary technology, Iron Boost spray offers a highly efficient absorption rate. Droplets of solution go directly to the blood stream, not to the digestive system. This is important because the amount of iron absorbed as pills is ranged from 5%-12% at most.
Iron Boost Super Health Spray contains 240 sprays (3.6 mg of Iron in each serving – 8 sprays).

Summing up

Iron BOOST spray is the better choice for you because:
  • it has no negative influence on the bio-availability of other minerals;
  • it’s least affected by iron inhibitors, especially in phytate-rich diets;
  • it exhibits minimal gastrointestinal disturbances;
  • it has a higher absorption rate in the human body;
  • there’s no risk of iron overload..
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