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Highly Effective: Super Health Sprays deliver top-grade nutrients sourced from natural ingredients.
Convenient: Sealed and non-pressurized, our sprays are easy to carry and use wherever you go.
Rapid Absorption:  Nutrients in a spray’s mist go through the inner lining of your mouth. No risk of degradation, common with tablets.

Our sprays Are Unique

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Why Spray?

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Fine Mist Technology: Our sprays create a fine mist that ensures rapid and efficient nutrient absorption through the tissues of your mouth (buccal mucosa).
10x Higher Absorption: Compared to traditional pills, our nutrient-rich sprays offer ten times higher absorption rates, delivering essential vitamins and minerals directly to your bloodstream.

Our Sprays in the News Media

Super Health Sprays were introduced to the health-conscious audience on the popular “Health Alert by Dr Chris” part of ITV’s This Morning. Dr Chris’ endorsement of the spray format left a positive impression on the presenters, inspiring them to experience personally the cutting-edge health solution.

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Range of Super Health Sprays

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Fulvic Minerals spray

Reduces inflammation and boosts immunity defence. Restores electrolyte balance in cells . Decreases formation of LDL (bad) cholesterol . Balances a gut flora balance and eliminates toxins.

GoodNight spray

Promotes Better Sleep. Helps with Jet Lag and Migraine. Decreases anxiety and insomnia. Reduces oxidative stress in cells. Boosts eyes health and regulates intraocular pressure.

Vitamin B12 spray

Promotes brain function and nervous system health. Helps with energy levels and DNA formation in cells. Improves memory. Supports a digestive process.

MultiVit spray

Prevents nutrient deficiencies. Support cellular vitality and muscle tone. Helps with meeting daily nutrient needs and maintaining overall health.

Ubiquinol spray

Supports optimal heart health and boosts CoQ10 levels. Protects cells from oxidative damage. Significantly slows down cell aging.

B-Calm spray

Reduces anxiety and promotes a sense of calmness. Improves mood and elevates neurotransmitter levels in the brain.

Iron Boost spray

Prevents iron deficiency anemia. Boosts hemoglobin transporting oxygen. Regulates body temperature and muscle performance. Supports healthy skin, hair and nails.

Vitamin D3 spray

Reduces inflammation and improves immune function. Prevents certain types of tumour. Lows blood pressure. Strengthens bones (crusial for calcium absorption).

Vitamin C+Zn spray

Strengthens immune system. Decreases the risk of heart disease (damage to blood vessel). Reduces Oxidative Stress. Lows severity of cold. Prevents eye disease (AMD)

Vitamin K2+D3 spray

Improves dental health (tooth decay and cavities). Reduces calcium buildup in the arteries. Helps the blood clot preventing excessive bleeding. Aids in mineralisation of teeth.

Contamination free

Our sprays, unlike other sprays, have a metal tube with a protective coating and a specially designed spraying system.This guarantees no plastic chemicals leaking, so you get pure spray solutions.

Enjoy fantastic natural flavours with every spray!

Easy to store and carry

Our sprays are non-pressurized and ozone-layer friendly, so you can take them with you wherever you go. On top, the sprays are sealed in oxygen-free containers for the best quality and long-term storage.
Experience the excellence in quality, and convenience.

Better value for money

Super Health Sprays provide better value for your money. The innovative design increases absorption of high-quality ingredients. Other sprays on the market are just liquid squirters and not emulsifying sprays.

Unlock the power of Super Health Sprays!

High Quality Ingredients in sprays

Each spray contains carefully selected vitamins, minerals, and herbs, formulated to support your optimal health.

Our sophisticated dispersal mechanism delivers a consistent dose of 55 micro liters per pump, ensuring precision and reliability with each use.

With at least one month’s worth of supplies (240 pump servings in each spray), you’re covered for the long haul.

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