Fulvic Minerals

Super Health Fulvic Minerals spray

Fulvic Minerals Spray is a unique supplement which has a special place in a range of all Super Health sprays. These minerals are extremely powerful organic electrolytes, which balances cell life and can literally bring life back to dying or disintegrating cells. These  minerals have a natural way of chelating heavy metals, turning them into forms that allow their removal. They are also the most effective antioxidant rendering free radicals harmless. They are  the hidden treasure of the past of our planet which is now available for you in the most convenient and effective form of oral sprays.

Power of Fulvic Minerals spray - Replenish Your Body Today!

In today’s world, our food lacks crucial trace minerals due to soil depletion and improper farming practices. Don’t let your body suffer from mineral deficiency. Make the vital change today! Use Super Health Fulvic Minerals spray- the potent solution packed with over 70 trace minerals – to boost your electrolyte levels and cells vitality.

Fulvic Minerals spray you need

Taking Fulvic Minerals Super Health spray daily will provide you with the sufficient amount of trace minerals and electrolytes. They activate and energize nearly every biological process in the body, enabling cells to flush out toxins and remedy oxidative stress. While our diet may provide a variety of minerals, there are some nutrients from the soil that we cannot get from food alone. Fulvic Minerals are in that category.

Detox and vitalise your body

Electrolytes and trace minerals derived from prehistoric plants’ fossils. Electrolytes are the body’s natural firewall against tumour formations, viruses and fungal infections (e.g.candida). It also helps healing burns. Trace minerals are needed for absorption of  vitamins and are vital for intracellular processes – their can attach and carry clusters of other compounds as big as 60 times of their own size.

Source of Fulvic Minerals

Over  million years ago enormous rain-forests covered much of the earth’s land with gigantic plants. Their root systems could reach deep into the earth, get a lot of inorganic minerals and convert them into biologically-friendly minerals via photosynthesis. Once these giants died, the organic minerals within their structures were re-deposited and  diverse fulvic acid mineral colloids were evolved.

Harness the Power of Fulvic Minerals

Fulvic Minerals: The Vital Organic Electrolyte for Cellular Balance Derived from fossils of ancient plants that thrived in mineral-rich, pollution-free soils 75 million years ago, Fulvic minerals hold a unique combination of minerals and organic molecules specific to the soil where the plants grew. This natural blend results in minerals bound to amino acids, easily recognized and absorbed by our bodies. Packed with 70 or more minerals and trace elements, Fulvic acid complexes bio-react with each other and with cells, creating new mineral compounds to support cellular health. Studies reveal that Fulvic acid, a liquid form of Fulvic minerals, acts as a powerful organic electrolyte, maintaining cellular balance and vitality. Research further indicates that the decline in electrical potential within our cells may be linked to weakening physical health caused by stress, infections, imbalanced diets, sleep deprivation, and surgical shock. The reintroduction of electrical potential has shown to reconstruct and activate cells, promoting overall well-being in plants, animals, and humans.


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