Super Health Sprays - Your A-Z to Healthy Living

Our Mission:

To be recognized globally as providers of leading edge, scientifically supported, high quality Vitamin and Mineral spray products that are proven, safe, healthy and affordable.

We will achieve this by:

Ensuring we deliver high quality supplements that will help our customers maintain a daily healthy lifestyle that suits their personal needs.

The Innovative Way For Supplements

Super Health Sprays are a patented solution presenting a revolutionary way for the delivery of vitamins, minerals and other supplements to your body tissues bypassing your gastrointestinal tract

Derived from natural sources and delivered as a fine mist through a microfilter, our vitamin and mineral sprays will gently coat and penetrate the inner lining of your mouth.

Being quickly absorbed through these capillary rich tissues all nutrients go directly to the blood stream and get efficiently metabolised throughout the body.

 Each spray has a great natural flavour and the tube contains approximately 240 sprays that provide at least one month supply of specific vitamins and minerals.

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