Microplastics in human body – the alarming reality

As enormous arrays of plastic are dumped into soil, water and air each year, microplastics have already been found in all areas of our environment including in fish and our food.The situation seem even more alarming in light of the recent studies. In The Netherlands scientists found plastic particles in human blood. Almost 80% of the tested people had microplastics in their blood samples. Researchers in the UK have observed microplastics of 0.2 millimetres in size in live lung tissue. About 40 types of microplastics were found in 11 of the 13 samples tested.

How plastics gets into the body

The most likely sources for the plastic in people came plastic bottles, bags and food packaging. Microplastics have been found in  drinking water, seafood and even in the air. The tiny plastic particles can enter the human body through various routes, primarily through ingestion and inhalation. Researchers are concerned that while travelling around the body particles can get stuck in organs and cause damage to human cells. 

A safer solution for supplements

As vitamins and minerals is their liquid form can react with their plastic containers that poses challenges to ecosystems and human health. In addition, microplastics can be used as additives – binders and diluents or lubricants in solid dosage forms like pills.

We at Super Health sprays have chosen a safer option – a specially designed aluminium container with a protective coating that helps safeguard nutrients and keeps them pure. It demanded some extra fund but at the end it has turned out to be the right decision.

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