Malnutrition is the reality of our life

Our top soil is diminishing and losing nutritive power because of its irradiation caused by a bombardment with chemical fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides. This processing drains nutrients to the lowest point where we have to add vitamins and minerals back into our food. It has been estimated that our ancestors consumed three to four times more nutrients than we get today. Yet the changes in our environment and living make our need for nutrients the highest ever. Most people are unaware of the unprecedented burden caused increasing environmental toxins which dramatically increasing our need for nutrients. For example, the chlorine in our water, ozone in our air and many other environmental pollutants create a oxidative stress in our cells that requires unprecedented amounts of antioxidants to neutralise.
As a number of studies have shown, our need for antioxidants more than tripled from 1970 to 1990. Meanwhile the antioxidant content in our foods was cut in half! When you consider that the need in 1970 was already greatly elevated over historical level, our stressful modern lifestyles makes our malnutrition even bigger. The very manufacturing of stress hormones in our body depletes us of precious vitamins and minerals.Unless we supply our bodies with massive amounts of antioxidants, oxidative free-radical damage will occur, DNA will be damaged, and we will age and get sick. The only solution to our nutrient depleted diet is to compensate deficiency of life-sustaining vitamin and minerals by taking supplements with the high rate of absorption. A nutrient spray is fast, effective and safe nutrient supplementation availble on the market.

Super Health Sprays vs Malnutrition

Super Healthsprays are a patented solution and revolutionary way for the absorption of vitamins, minerals and other nutritional supplements in the body. They bypass the gastrointestinal tract. Obtained from natural sources and sprayed through a microfilter as the finest haze, our vitamin and mineral sprays gently penetrate the inner tissue layer of the mouth. Rapidly absorbed by these capillary-rich tissues, all nutrients penetrate directly into the bloodstream, allowing the metabolism to be efficient throughout the body.
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